Sunday, February 19

CTI 14:22

I haven’t posted in a while, but a music ministry group called Carpenter’s Tools International came to fellowship on Friday, and I was overwhelmingly blessed through their worship, encouraging testimonies, and their goals for encouraging churches. I haven’t felt that moment where you want to cry out because that certain surge tugging at your heart makes you long for God’s love so badly…

It’s wonderful.

There’s no such thing as perfect people
There’s no such thing as a perfect life
So come as you are, broken and scarred
Lift up your heart and be amazed
And be changed by a perfect God

A reminder that His love overcomes all, surpasses the smallest things that don’t matter. That even through the roughest of days, the worst of weeks, the outpouring of tears and hurts…I can surrender all my troubles (Matthew 11) and He’ll still love me in a way no other man could.

A reminder that I’m God’s servant for this lifetime. That whatever I do, I do in the honor of Him. That whatever happens to me, I don’t complain or talk back or backlash.. (it’s so hard!)

A reminder that I’m not perfect and I need God to continue to humble me in this life. 

And to be thankful for the people who make the good differences in my life! Small groups, for changing my life in Davis this year. My fellow bible study leaders, for giving me a foundation for my faith. My mom, my rock.

Tuesday, September 13

Oh Lamb of God, Sweet lamb of God 
I love the Holy Lamb of God
Oh wash me in His precious Blood
My Jesus Christ the Lamb of God:

School starts in a week, and I have disappointed myself this last school year. Help me to be better, but only with Your strength, Your prayer, and Your continuous and bountiful love which you have never failed to give. 

Wash me again.

I was so lost I should have died 
But You have brought me to Your side
To be led by Your staff and rod
And to be call a lamb of God

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Friday, August 19

This is everything I need to continue to strive to be…

Written by an anonymous guy:

You are a woman of beauty. You know who you are. You will not be defined by another man, or compromise your boundaries. You will not be pushed around, you will stand for purity. You refuse to give anyone your heart, you demand that they pursue it, and prove that they can protect it. You are secure in who you are, you don’t live off the praises of others. You know that you don’t need me, but you want me. You know how to nurture and protect. You are gentle, yet you can be bold. You are radical but relatable. You can fight alone, but would rather fight alongside me. You are full of emotions, but never bound by them. You are the standard of beauty in my life, and I will be your biggest encourager. I will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. I can’t wait to let down the walls of my heart and bare all I am to one.

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I will seek You with my whole heart
In the center of the storm
And remember
The promise of Your love

You are near to the heavy hearted
And the broken You repair
Every moment, even sleeping
You are there, You are there

You have laid Your hand upon me
Let Your love surround me
You are Emmanuel
I was hiding in the darkest night
And then You found me
You are Emmanuel

I have stumbled, I’m always falling
And I’m humbled by my sin
But the moment that I confess them
You forgive, You forgive

Where can I go from Your spirit, from Your presence?
Come and take me home to Your spirit, to Your presence
Never let me go

Friday, July 22


This was an email conversation I had with the woman I used to work with. Before I came to Davis, I was a occupational therapist and I worked with a severely autistic kid (Jonathan) for two years. The work was hard, but I always enjoyed going. It’s been almost about a year since Kim (the mom) contacted me, and it really made my day knowing that I made that big of a difference in her life! She never had much to give; a lot of her income was spent on medication and trying to just get around in life, but she always without a doubt gave me what she had and celebrated my birthday and Christmas by giving me small things or cooking me food when I went to work directly from school.

Kim Tu to me, ChawSu show details Jul 6  

Hi Sally, how are you? Your cel phone was disconnected so I finally got to talk to your mom to ask about you and she said I’d better send you email, you still use the same email. Time flies so fast and it’s almost a year since you didn’t work with Jonathan, and now Cindy is not working with Jonathan too because she’s graduating (and has to take care of her husband because he just got a surgery). Cindy & me both miss you and we hope to see you the next time you come home. So let us know you are doing & when you think you will come home the next time. May be your phone number too. Talk to you later.

Sally Chou to Kim, ChawSu show details Jul 19 (4 days ago)  

Hi Kim, Cindy

Thank you for emailing me! I miss both of you and Jonathan a lot. UC Davis is really fun and I really like the people here. The schoolwork isn’t too hard either. Did you know that Nguyen is also coming next Fall?
I won’t be able to come home during summer session 1 because of summer school. It’s really hot here, most days it is 100 degrees. I hope you, Jonathan, and your family are all okay. Cindy just added me on Facebook! 


ChawSu Win to me, kimquytu show details Jul 19 (4 days ago)  

Dear Sally,I am so glad you are having fun at school. Also love to see you on Facebook. We can meet up when you come home. Have fun and see ya later.


Kim Tu to me, ChawSu show details Jul 20 (2 days ago)  

Thanks for missing us, we miss you too. It’s good to hear from you & see your pictures in Facebook (Cindy showed them to me on her i-phone). We saw you are surrounded by friends & Cindy said that she knew Sally will be happy in Davis, being so young and pretty! It’s good to know that Nguyen is coming there next fall, I only hope that my niece (Diana) will come there too but she accepted UC Berkeley (in my old time I’m so lonely in Berkeley because everybody just focus on studying & no fun activities, I hope things do change these days).

Wishing you do good in school this summer & we would see you next time when you are back home. (Let us know). (Jonathan will be “really tall” the next time you see him, probably as tall as me ;)) (He’s almost my height now).

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Thursday, July 14


If only the people in this world weren’t so selfish for themselves.

If only they could listen to what you had to say, lend a hand, or not put their interests ahead of yours.

If only they took a second look at what the situation was instead of arguing for themselves.

Or if they weren’t so derogatory, self-centered, egotistic, narcissistic, so wrapped up in what THEY have to say..

Wouldn’t the world be much better?

Don’t be foolish.

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Tuesday, June 28

Facebook Status

Sally Chou finished my last final in 15 min like a boss. i cant believe how fast this school year went; i seriously feel like i just started. thank you everyone for making this such a blessed year! experienced many new things yet was taught so much in the process of experimenting and learning.

June 9 at 11:27am via Mobile Web

School year went by so fast…senior in college already!


It’s Summer!

Mercy triumphs over judgment
James 2:13

Photography is back!

Tuesday, May 31

"At the end of your life, when you stand before God, and he asks, “Did you learn love?” what will you say? Will you show him your accomplishments? Or will you show him the times it was hard but you still held on to a friendship; the times you wanted to leave, but you stayed; the times you were hurting, but you forgave. If you have the love of Christ working inside of you, it will always prevail."

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Friday, May 13

Dear Lord, I come to You in brokenness today. I give myself over to You even in my weakness and frailness. No matter if I’ve been broken by sin or circumstances, I ask You to fill my broken pot and pour out through me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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